Have you considered printing your own gaming labels?

If you’re launching a gaming product on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter and find that it’s generating a large volume of sales, then there are many possible ways to be creative with rewards and stretch goals, however a traditional board game or party game manufacturer may not be able to offer you the flexibility that you need.

Backers love custom rewards on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites and one way to provide this is to apply unique labels with every game shipped within a certain reward bracket.

Label printingYou may not have considered it, but one option is to purchase a label printer; there are many advantages to this, for example if you are marketing a product with multiple options it allows you to monitor sales and only print labels for the parts of your range that sell well. You won’t need to waste resources on pre-ordering labels you may find you don’t need, while giving you the flexibilty to quickly produce labels for a product that is flying off the shelves.

A modern inkjet label printer is not as expensive as you might think and they are very easy to operate, with the ability to produce different designs for labels one at a time, or in multiples of thousands, as required.

A flexible sytem can accommodate many different types of businesses and end products and will fit easily with your game design.  Quick Label provide a range of colour label printers and are a great resource.

Modern label printers have user-friendly software that is compatible with most computer equipment, making it easy to change designs quickly. This gives you the option of experimenting with your designs and marketing, without committing to expensive print runs, as well as designing labels with specific gamers in mind.

If you investigate the possibility of purchasing your own label printer, you will find that reputable companies such as QuickLabel Systems offer far more than just the initial sale.  They have a wide range of experience across a huge number of industries, so can also advise on the most appropriate accessories, inks and material for the actual labels for your product as well as the most suitable adhesive.  They also have a number of videos available online demonstrating different printers and applications. This could be one of the best decisions you make for your business!